The Network

Starting with your cables, networking equipment and internet connection we can get everything in place for you. We can handle the installation of all of the required wiring, repair existing wiring, or work with your low voltage wiring contractor to ensure everything is right where it needs to be. If your location doesn’t yet have a high speed internet installation, we will help you secure one. We have dealt with every major ISP and even a few local ones; we know how to speak their language, so you don’t have to.

Ensuring that proper security is implemented against the many threats lurking on the internet we make it a top priority to keep your data secure. With all of the benefits the internet provides, it can also provide access to productivity sapping and\or inappropriate for the workplace content. We will work with you to develop your company’s policy on internet usage and if necessary install the content filters necessary to enforce it.

One of the best features of having a network setup in the office is the ability to access it from outside of the office. The ability to work from home, have a mobile workforce, or a remote office location is made possible by secure remote access (Virtual Private Network). iSynergy can implement the hardware and\or software that gives you the flexibility to work from just about anywhere.

The network is your IT foundation, making it reliable and secure starts with the cables and devices you may have never even known were there.

The Server

At the core of your network resides the server, the central information store. Utilizing one of the best value for money solutions in the IT world, Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2008, iSynergy can bring the IT advantage of large corporate environments to your small business at an affordable price. Some of the most commonly used features provided by this software package include:

  • Central Storage and Accessibility of Your Business’ Data
  • Industry Standard Email Server (Exchange) With Outlook Web Access
  • Secure Remote Access to Data and Email (From just about anywhere with an internet connection)
  • Central and Automatic Backup of Your Data
  • Remote Sync of Email, Contacts and Calendar for Windows Mobile Phones & iPhones (ActiveSync)
  • Central Management of Servers and Workstations

While providing the network operating system, a server can also be the platform for any network business management software your business may need e.g. Intuit’s QuickBooks, Sage Software’s ACT!, Microsoft’s Solomon ect. At iSynergy we have extensive experience working with a number of third party software vendors, performing the network installations of software as well as installing updates for that software.

The Workstations

While iSynergy does maintain a preferred list of hardware and software vendors, we are able to work with just about any of them. Whether you require high end custom built CAD workstations or simple office productivity workstations, we have you covered. We will work with you to determine the level of hardware and software needed, staying within your budget.

Depending on your company’s policy, we can also develop a custom software package to run on your workstations. This will help to ensure employee productivity, speed installation of new workstations and reduce downtime do to any software or hardware failures that may occur. Additionally, the software package can be locked down preventing unauthorized software installations, deletion of critical files and changes to system settings that can lead to security threats, slowing of the network and loss of productivity.

Projects & Support

If you have a specific problem or project and would like to leverage the power of IT hardware or software to reach your goals, we can help. Having worked with a number of businesses in a variety of fields we have implemented solutions ranging from simple software installations to entire network redesigns.

As an established business you may already have a network in place and are looking for support. Look no further, iSynergy has the ability to support your network. We start with a quick evaluation of your current network status and then give you recommendations based on our findings. We can also provide you with the maintenance required to keep your network, servers and workstations running in top form.

We have provided unique solutions to local businesses in the following fields:
  • Accounting
  • Construction Supply
  • General Business
  • General Contracting
  • General Practice & Specialist Physicians
  • Highway Construction
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Restaurant Management